Live action MMOG?

I was playing around with the idea of working for my former employer, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  My old manager (who I thought was horrible at managing) isn't there anymore and the head of the department we were in (who I also thought was a horrible manager) is also no longer there.  I daydream about what the workplace could be like, but in the back of my head I know a lot of things won't change.  If I were to get there, any grand designs I have for their website and education programs and incorporating games into education would be put on the back-burner while the day-to-day crap would overwhelm me.

But still…  I was thinking this morning.  What if we created a mini web-based MMOG which featured science learning as quests?  Would kids be into that?  Completing an activity/quest could give players an equipable item for their paper doll inventory…  I dunno…  The details could probably be worked out, but it would require money which a non-profit does not have.

Then I thought… hmm… what if it were a live-action MMOG which took place in the museum itself?  That might work.  Kids would complete quests by demonstrating knowledge which they can get from certain exhibits.  Upon completion they get a reward of some sort which allows them access to other areas…  hmmmm…

I dunno… Just a thought.