WOW guild banned – PC News at GameSpot

WOW guild banned – PC News at GameSpot

TL Taylor talks about how high-end guilds tend to encourage pushing the boundaries of game mechanics to learn to play the game most efficiently in EQ.  This story about how a WoW guild was banned for implementing a cheat to get to AQ40’s end boss by skipping the rest of the instance’s content reminds me that for a lot of players the end-game really is about the loot.  But the players’ practice emerged out of a response to what could be argued as excessively overbearing, time-consuming trash mobs.  The particular guild had the instance on farm status already, but just wanted to skip to the only boss that actually dropped anything useful for them.  Not sure how I feel about this but I completely understand the desire to fight the MMOG grind/time-sink.  Maybe if WoW went away from the subscription model?  Maybe if the trash’s loot table had a bit of randomness to it?  I dunno…