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GLS day 3 (the aftermath)

I’ve been meaning to post photos from Saturday in Madison soon… this space reserved.

[Edited Thursday… finally!]

So, after a night of way too much beer…. (and I should note that when I say way too much I mean our tables had 2 pitchers courtesy of Kurt too much which basically went undrunk… undrunken.. undrinked…? whatever. and NOT that I had way too much beer since as most of my friends know, I don’t really drink beer.)

Anyway, after a night of way too much beer for our tables, Moses and I walked to his place (partly alongside Kurt and Josh). When we got there, we were setting up the air mattress and stuff when his roommate entered (about 2:30-3:00 AM) with not one, but TWO women he had picked up or something… they went to his room and he came out to the kitchen to fix up a cocktail once they got settled. While passing us on his way to the kitchen he said something like, “holy shit.” Whispered incredulously. This was a proper time to use “holy shit” if any, I thought. We figured he was implying that he was just about to do what many men fantasize about. Ha.

Ok, so I digress from the trip to Madison. You’re probably more interested in hearing about the arts fair the next day. 😛

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All the people I met at GLS

I met a ton of people for the first time at Games Learning Society. Here’s a brain dump of who I can remember (I’ll link to each of them soon… running out of steam right now… 😦 ):

  • Rebecca Black
  • Samantha Blackmon
  • Ian Bogost
  • Ted Castranova (well, technically, we didn’t meet, but I saw him…)
  • Mia Consalvo
  • Ben DeVane (and wife Amanda)
  • Josh Diaz
  • Julian Dibbell
  • Elonka Dunin
  • Shree Durga
  • Debbie Fields
  • Justin Hall
  • Erica Halverson
  • Chris Holden (and wife Sarah)
  • Tori Horton
  • Aaron Hung
  • Dan Hunter
  • Shawna Kelly
  • Lane Lawley
  • Thomas Malaby
  • Dan Norton
  • Nathaniel Pope
  • Alice Robison
  • Lauren Silberman
  • Dave Simkins
  • Bert Snow
  • Doug Thomas
  • Bill Tomlinson
  • Mark Wagler
  • Dave White
  • Lee Wilson
  • Moses Wolfenstein
  • Suze Woolf
  • Eric Zimmerman
  • Renata
  • Matt
  • Dana and I think her boyfriend from Florida
  • Carole?
  • Tim?
  • a bunch of people at the LAN party whose names I’ve forgotten

And people I’ve previously met:

  • Lisa Galarneau
  • Jim Gee
  • Betty Hayes
  • Henry Jenkins
  • Liz Lawley
  • Brett Shelton
  • Kurt Squire
  • Constance Steinkuehler (big wit baby!)

And, of course, people I go to or went to school with:

  • Laurie McCarthy
  • Tom Satwitcz (now at U of Georgia)
  • Jen Stone (former adviser, now at U of Alaska Anchorage)

Mark in action

GLS day 2, evening

After the conference was over, I met up with Moses to drop my stuff off at his place since he kindly offered an air mattress for me to crash on for the night.  BTW, ladies, Moses is the man.  Guys, you too should know; Moses is like the coolest man in the world.

Anyway, a bunch of folks went off to some party but Moses and I happened to meet up with a guy named Josh Diaz before Moses had to take off for said party.  So, I ended up hanging out with Josh, walking around the capitol talking, and having dinner with him at The Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned house burger

I forgot to take a photo of dinner, but here’s an image someone else took of the same menu item, The Old Fashioned House Burger. It was amazing. Perfectly cooked medium, with two thick crispy strips of bacon, smoked cheddar (good cheddar–but I’m a cheeseburger snob), and a medium cooked egg–not too runny, not too dry. The egg added a surprising complexity and binding flavor to the whole affair, making for possibly the best burger I’ve ever had. I’ve had egg on burger before, but previously it was greasy as all hell. This time it was fantastic.

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GLS night 1, dinner and a party

Dinner at the Overture Center for the Arts was fun! I met Rebecca Black, Bill Tomlinson (whose EcoRaft project I posted about earlier), Dana and her friend from Florida but originally from France so he had a cool accent, and a couple of other people whose names I’ve forgotten already (again, though I think they were Greg and William, and one of them knows Beth Kolko pretty well…).


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GLS Day 1… well, more like Day 0

The conference itself doesn’t really start until tomorrow, but it pretty much took the whole day to get here, so I’m counting this as part of the experience. I’m typing this blog post while listening to a live free concert at the capitol building in Madison, right outside my hotel window. Apparently, there’s a summer concert series every Wednesday. Tonight’s theme is Russian composers. Freakin awesome.

Anyway, here’s my day in photos:

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